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Our top picks for nymph fishing for trout, ten barbless patterns, three of each, our favourite flies for catching trout on nymphs.

Featuring a range of barbless patterns, imitating the key insects which you’ll need to match the hatch of this season! From grubs to pupa, caddis, stone clingers, baetis and all manner of stages – this nymph fly selection has it all! A set of nymphs for the dedicated river trout angler, the IB & Andy Nymph trout selection has the flies for this season ready to go, including a fantastic jig streamer option!

IB’s Favourite: “You can’t beat a red tag right?! This one is our best yet – a great weight as a point fly, and using Globrite for the tag to get that full UV effect. The Old Gold bead is something special too, not quite as blingy as a bright gold bead, you can expect this to catch fish in the clearest of water this season!”

Andy’s Favourite: “The quill jig in tis pack is going to take some beating. I love the nice contrast profile, but it retains a really natural colour which is going to work in pretty much any water conditions. Skinny, natural, heavy, buggy – what more could you want from a trout nymph?!”


*Don’t forget, if you buy the trout dry and trout nymph packs together, you qualify for a free cap! Just leave us a note in your shopping cart letting us know if you want the camo or the OG Orange cap and we’ll send one to you!*

*first batch will ship Tuesday 19th April

*International shipping – we can ship internationally, please mail us at for a shipping quote

*please note: Due to stock/material availability there may be occasions where we use flies which are +/- one hook or bead size from listed