If you’ve ever been curious about the European nymphing styles then this is the box for you!

*November 2023 – HUGE spec change!

We’ve been working hard to make the euro in a box kits even better, and having been out of stock for a while now, we’re so proud to announce a big upgrade in the kit! The original 900cm french leader has been replaced with a 1500cm version which is softer, more durable, thinner and more memory free than the previous leader! The process has been a long one, but we’re working with a manufacturer in central Europe who has made these leaders for us, making the Euro In A Box Kit even better than before!*

This is the Ultra Hi Viz version of the Euro Nymphing In A Box kit, made because you guys asked for it! If you’ve previously struggled to pick up your indicator then this UHV leader and indicator will be a total game changer. You can also utilise the Hi Vis leader on its own without an indicator, improving your presentation for the ultimate Euro Nymph rig!

You’ll find in here everything you need to fish the modern style of nymphing in rivers, with the following included:

1500cm Ultra Hi Viz Mono Euro Leader

Ultra Hi Viz Short Braided Mono Indicator

Long Mono Bi-colour Indicator

3 Fly Rig Pre-made On A Foam Spool

Top Quality 3.7lb Fluorocarbon

6 1.5mm Tippet Rings

12 x Tungsten Beaded Nymphs For Trout and Grayling

With instructions included it couldn’t be easier to start your journey in to modern European style nymphing

*International shipping – we can ship internationally, please mail us at for a shipping quote