In association with the Peacock Fly Fishing Club and the Haddon Estate, ABAS is proud to offer guided fishing on the most esteemed of Derbyshire Peak District rivers, the stunning Wye. Sourced to the west of Buxton on Axe Edge Moor, the Wye is a limestone river of just fifteen miles in length. The high alkalinity of the water provides a phenomenally nutrient rich habitat for insects and invertebrates, and in turn the stunning wild brown trout, rainbow trout and grayling which thrive in the Wye.

River Wye - Fly Fishing
Wye River - Fly Fishing

Each species grows to specimen sizes, but the unique challenge of the Wye is in the wild Rainbow trout. Nowhere else in the UK does the Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)  population sustain and grow to the extent that the Wye rainbows do, with the species prevalent through most of the course of the river, particularly the seven-plus miles of prime water on the Haddon Estate. The fishing here really is some of the finest and most extensive fly water found anywhere in the UK, and draw anglers from all over the planet.

A dry-fly only fishery since 1865, it was on the Derbyshire Wye that James Ogden confounded both sceptical onlookers and fly-fishing convention by raising fish to an artificial fly which floated on the surface, rather than the more widely accepted sunken wet-fly approach, or even that of trapping real flies as bait.

The dry fly only rule is regarded as one of the first sport fishing conservation measures, and this level of conservation and welfare continues over 150 years later as the Haddon Estate employ two full time riverkeepers and fiercely protect their policy of not stocking – the Peacock waters are a haven for wild fish only.

Wye River - Fly Fishing
Wye River - Fly Fishing

The no-wading rule on the Peacock stretch of the Wye serves to protect the angler, the soft limestone substrate and the spawning gravels – the wild rainbow trout spawn around April. It also provides some unique challenges to the angler. During a guided day with ABAS you will learn the specialist kit which we use to overcome these challenges, the flies we use to raise these wary trout, and the very best methods to ensure that these flies drift perfectly to your target fish. ABAS can provide all the hardware required for your day, so all you need to bring is some sensible footwear (walking boots or wellies), some polarised glasses and the necessary outdoor clothing – let us take care of the rest!

On the subject of rest, why not take advantage of the stunning Peacock Hotel as a base to rest after productive day’s fishing? A former Peak District manor house built in the 1600s, the Peacock Hotel is a stunning luxury hotel which holds three AA stars as well as numerous other awards for both the quality of its lodgings and food.

Wye River - Fly Fishing

Full Day Trips: The full day trip is without doubt the best way to experience wild fly fishing in Derbyshire. Starting at a time of your choosing, these trips give you the opportunity to sample many different styles and techniques over the course of eight hours of angling. With lunch and refreshments provided and free transfers to and from either Chesterfield or Buxton train stations these days give the angler the ultimate opportunity to sample fantastic fly fishing in the heart of the UK. With each station being only 30 minutes from Birmingham, 60 from Manchester or 90 from London, a full day trip with ABAS makes accessing our area simple and cost effective. Please note day ticket costs my apply to some waters.

Half Day Trips: The half day trip is ideal for the angler who has less time on their hands or who may wish to focus on a particular technique. During the summer this may be sneaking out from work early and fishing the evening rise for brown trout until dark or maybe in the winter managing to get out at first light for a few hours to tempt some wild grayling. The half day is also ideal for younger ones who may not have the energy for a full day on the river. I supply refreshments and snacks for the half day trips but don’t offer a transfer as part of the package. This is something that can be arranged if needed. Please note day ticket costs may apply to some waters.

Fly Fishing Price List

Trip Type Single Person Two People
Full Day £250 £350
Half Day £160 £225