Our favourite selection for catching grayling in coloured water!

Fish these when your river is thinning out after a flood, or if it has held colour for a prolonged period of time. With a mixture of sizes and weights of our top grayling patterns, you can fish these barbless flies in total confidence that you’ve got the right flies in your box.


IB’s Favourite: “I love the Flash Hare’s Ear, it’s a great pattern for coloured and clear water, and seems to catch graying wherever I cast it!”

Andy’s Favourite: “You can’t beat a worm pattern when the river is up and muddy, and our Redworm is a great option – the perfect colour, a sensible size and I much prefer this design of worm with the bead placed centrally – I’m sure it helps me hook more fish.”

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*please note: Due to stock/material availability there may be occasions where we use flies which are +/- one hook or bead size from listed