IB and I sat down and crafted out our five favourite trout flies each, and put them in this all-encompassing trout fly selection! Containing 10 different and essential trout catching patterns, this box of thirty flies features imitations of almost all of the hatches you’d expect to find in any UK trout stream.

With four nymphs and six dry flies ranging from size ten to size 18, this mixture of all-time classic patterns and new modern classics will keep you in the game no matter the conditions and at any time during the trout season. All tied on quality barbless hooks to exacting standard, we’re confident that this pack has everything you need to keep your rod bent and your net wet this season!

IB’s Favourite: I love my foam duns, they just work everywhere! Imitating a number of different insect species, it’s my go-to fly when I find that rising specimen trout. It’s great during a spinner fall too!

Andy’s Favourite: I just don’t think you can beat that CDC Quill Jig. A great size and profile, this is a nymph pattern that is GUARANTEED to imitate a bug in your local trout stream, and will work great either as a point fly on a Euro rig or underneath a dry fly on the Duo method.

Don’t forget that this price INCLUDES tracked shipping to make sure your flies fall through your letter box!

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*please note: Due to stock/material availability there may be occasions where we use flies which are +/- one hook or bead size from listed